Medworth Energy from Waste Combined Heat and Power Facility

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  • Adam Edgeley

    I am extremely concerned with the effect of the development on our health, especially as there is a large secondary school very close to the proposed development site

  • Adam John Fairbrother

    The impact on the small market town of Wisbech will be massive the project is completely in the wrong place next to biggest school in Fenland, The road layout for 300 + lorry movements is unable to... Read more

  • AdrianMoore

    Envonmental catastophe for the town . Pollution levels and increased traffic and pollution levels on a town that is already choked with traffic .

  • Alan Wheeldon

    I have spoken to several firms close to the incinerator site and they said that if the incinerator is built they would have to close down and move away as they run highly sterile food production... Read more

  • Alastair Kent

    The proposed incinerator will be damaging to human health, the environment and the community. It will inhibit recycling by diverting materials that could otherwise be re-used and put toxins into the... Read more

  • Alex Lane

    Worried about the traffic - its already terrible in town

  • Alexander Vale

    Strongly appose the proposition of the incinerator being built. For health, road safety, and a myriad of other reasons

  • Anne Jocelyn Wright

    I am bitterly opposed to the project and will be adding comments when I have seen all the information

  • Annegret Mabbett

    Health concerns on this project. Also too many trucks for a small town. The impact on roads are no good. Pollution will be bad esp for elderly and those with illnesses. Not good building it very close... Read more

  • Anthony Dring

    Environmental and health impacted by the incinerator, increasing traffic through an already overloaded road network

  • Antony Richardson

    Concern over the vast amount of traffic this proposal will generate.

  • April Louise Westwood

    The implications would be horrendous! The roads are so small and short and busy as it is. The road cracks and develops lots of holes already with the lorry’s at weesenham lane Wisbech never mind if... Read more

  • Benjamin Charles Carter

    This proposed project sits right amongst many food factories producing a great deal of food for the nation. This project sits very close to housing and the proposed area sits within or indeed very... Read more

  • Brian Samson

    This project is not viable due to inadequate road infrastructure and any health issues relating to it as the desired site is far too close to the town and residential areas in Wisbech. I fail to see... Read more

  • Burleigh Ibbott

    Not being ethical will give a massive degree of unhappiness due to congestion as all roads are single carriage. 300 plus Lorries per hour. Plus only 700m from a high school This should not be put in... Read more

  • Cambridgeshire County Council (Cambridgeshire County Council)

    A full Relevant Representation document covering the chapter headings in MVV's Environment Statement (ES) will be submitted by email directly to the PINS address for this project before 15th November... Read more

  • Charlotte Graham-Cameron

    The proposed Wisbech incinerator is in totally the wrong place, too near to schools and residents. It will be a huge monolith ‘pumping’ over 20million tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.... Read more

  • Chris Garner

    Main issues for me are:- the 300+ a day approx vehicle movements to feed the incinerator when operating as we are a small town without the infrastructure to cope. Pollution from the incinerator and... Read more

  • Christine May Vale

    I believe this project will be crucial in the disposal of waste that would otherwise end up in landfill. I honestly believe it will be an asset to the local environment rather than the eyesore than... Read more

  • Christopher John Finlay

    My main objection is the proposed site location and impact on our local roads and traffic. The technology is good, but the location in its proposed urban area, near a school and accessed by wholly... Read more

  • Colin Quince

    Our small market town does not have the infrastructure or the support for this project- it would be a blight on what is a traditional old market town and I feel a health risk due to environmental... Read more

  • David Forster

    This is an totally inappropriate facility for this area. Bringing refuse from the Midlands to be burnt in the middle of a town does not make sense. The road structure in this area is poor. It takes 40... Read more

  • David John Davey

    I wish to bring to your attention the total pollution that will be caused by transporting the rubbish to the incinerator from all over Norfolk along with the horrendous traffic congestion that this... Read more

  • David Peter Bragg

    The effect on local traffic will be substantial, the roads leaving Wisbech are already subject to delays and the proposed increase in lorry movements will only increase this. The proximity to local... Read more

  • Davina Green

    I will comment once I have received and digested the information, Thank you.