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  • Ann Jessop

    I am horrified that the proposed roadworks will destroy so much precious archaeology of international importance. Going ahead risks loosing the World Heritage status. It is a unique landscape and... Read more

  • Anne Ryan

    Please be mindful that future generations MUST have access to all the archaeological material in and underneath stone henge.......,without us having disrupted the area. Also Stonehenge is an area of... Read more

  • Bill Riley

    My representation relates solely to the proposed changes to public rights of way. There should be no discrimination, i.e. no user group should be favoured above another. In particular, there should... Read more

  • Christopher David

    I am against the proposed scheme in the application. Stonehenge and the area around it are such important parts of our universal world heritage, and there is still so much unknown and undiscovered in... Read more

  • Christopher Evans

    I believe the site of Stonehenge is a priceless archaeological and spiritual national treasure that should never be damaged by any civil engineering 'road works' of any sort - underground or... Read more

  • David Hassett

    I consider that it is vital for several reasons that this scheme, to upgrade the Stonehenge Section of the A303 & additionally providing a bypass for Winterbourne Stoke,goes ahead without further... Read more

  • Edith Rogerson

    Dear Madam/Sir, Having travelled along the A303 many times in the past and on a regular basis, I cannot agree to having this area of haunting beauty destroyed even more than it is already. The... Read more

  • Elizabeth Forbes

    My main objection to the proposal is that both portals to the tunnel are inside the World Heritage Site. This is particularly damaging in the case of the Western portal. Furthermore, in my view... Read more

  • Elizabeth Hart

    I am concerned that the planned route and the way the road will be built, with too short a tunnel and a flyover that will be visible for miles around, will be: detrimental to the site, ... Read more

  • Harry Shearer

    As a member of the (admittedly fictitious) rock band Spinal Tap, whose performance of the song "Stonehenge" has become internationally known, I have an emotional connection to the place, to its... Read more

  • Henry Spender

    Points that I might include on My Representation are as follows: 1. The cost of the project 2. The requirement for the project. 3. The potential damage to the environment.

  • John Camp

    The application is flawed as it proposes a short tunnel (only c3 km) which will mean that both the east and west portals will still be inside the the World Heritage site (WHS) area.This will cause... Read more

  • Jonathan Baker

    I strongly support the Amesbury to Berwick Down dualling and tunnel. The designers have gone a long way to fit the scheme into the sensitive landscape. I like the green bridges and the landscaping... Read more

  • Louise Sneyd

    I would like to say that the plan I have seen online for the proposed new road and tunnel look as if they are very close to the Stonehenge Monument. This may impact the ancient site in terms of look... Read more

  • Martin McCann

    My concerns, and my Written Representation, regarding the A303 Stonehenge development, center around the historical, cultural and scientific value of the site. I trust this is an adequate summary to... Read more

  • Mrs Georgina Hawkes

    No further damage should be done to the archaeological landscape of Stonehenge. Future generations would be appalled at those who decided that road widening should be at the expense of England’s most... Read more

  • Nik Marvin

    I strongly object to the proposed tunnel project at Stonehenge, on the basis that it will negatively impact - and possibly affect - the sites' World Heritage status, and also due to the fact that the... Read more

  • Pippa Richardson

    As a citizen of this nation, an historian, an environmentalist and a Druid, I fundamentally object to the plans to bulldoze a new road and tunnel right through the heart of the Stonehenge World... Read more

  • Robin Horton

    i dont agree that all options have been considered for the protection of the world heritage site. the tunnel is not long enough and thus the deep cuttings at the openings at either end of the tunnel... Read more

  • Rocky Mountain Research Institute (Rocky Mountain Research Institute)

    The Stonehenge site and surrounding area is sacred, on the ground, above the ground and below the ground. The tunnel and traffic would destroy the profound link with the spiritual realm. It is... Read more

  • Simon Banton

    1. Project violates Article 4 and Article 6.3 of the 1972 UNESCO World Heritage Convention 2. The OUV of the WHS cannot be taken in parts. Damage in one area cannot be offset by improvements... Read more

  • Simon Howard

    As an interested member of the public who, under jurisdiction of English heritage should have free access to this and all other listed ancient monuments

  • STAG: Stonehenge Traffic Action Group (STAG: Stonehenge Traffic Action Group)

    I started the STAG campaign to dual the A303 past Stonehenge because this section of the road is no longer fit for purpose. A petition was presented to parliament in 2014 to this effect via... Read more

  • Tony Goodenough

    Why spoil this scheme with a tunnel that is far too short. Come on - think long term instead of always trying to save a few pounds! This is a unique world heritage site and needs a holistic approach... Read more

  • Trevor Marshall

    I would like to register as an Interested Party. My concerns include: • Impact of Countess Roundabout flyover, including visual, traffic noise & on our property value. • Noise, vibration, water... Read more