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Advice to Highways England

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Highways England
Date advice given
17 December 2020
Enquiry type

Highways England (the Applicant) provided the Planning Inspectorate (the Inspectorate) with a suite of draft Works Plans to demonstrate how it proposed to articulate utility works. The Inspectorate issued the following advice:

Advice given

• The approach assists the reading of the scheme, is proportionate to the relevant issue and represents a commitment by the Applicant to explain its scheme as clearly as possible - this is likely to be welcomed by an appointed ExA (and Interested Parties). • “Composite” is shown on drawing titles when all utilities are shown. Where one utility is shown (eg water) then it may be helpful to include (eg water utilities) in the title for ease of reference. • It would be helpful to have a different line type or colour for each different type of utility service.