M3 Junction 9 Improvement

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  • Cycle Winchester (Cycle Winchester)

    Cycle Winchester is a community campaign group based in Winchester. The aim of Cycle Winchester is to make Winchester better by bike, i.e. to create a better Winchester (the city and surrounding... Read more


    Dear Sirs, NATS anticipates no impact from the M3J9 proposal and has no comments to make. We acknowledge receipt of the submission of a DCO from National Highways as per their correspondence dated... Read more

  • Graham Wren

    I use the M3 junction 9 daily often multiple times daily for work and pleasure. I hope to see improvement in traffic flow and a much safer road layout.

  • Ian James Douglass

    I support the proposals for the M3 J9 Improvement Scheme.

  • Winchester Friends of the Earth (Winchester Friends of the Earth)

    We have made multiple representations in relation to this scheme (letters of 18-2-18, 25-8-19, 6-7-21). Nothing has altered except the growing insanity of this scheme. National Highways continues to... Read more

  • Kirsteen Ruffell

    I cannot conceive how this tallies locally, nationally or on a world view with the climate emergency we are already in, I do not agree with any money being spent on this project tgat will increase... Read more

  • Simon Mole

    The proposed diversion are wholly unsuitable and impractical. They will adversely affect the Winchester inner ring road and residential areas such as Headbourne Worthy and Kings Worthy. There have... Read more

  • Mitchell Bridges Ltd (Mitchell Bridges Ltd)

    Although the scheme will no doubt secure benefits in the long term, the short term disruption to Junction 9 will have an impact on our business and its employees, with any major project initiative I... Read more

  • Chris Hobson

    Flow improvements needed to and from A34 and in merge with M3

  • Kate Needham

    The impact on the Climate Emergency The impact on biodiversity The impact of increased air pollution The impact of more industrialisation of the area. The high cost of changing this one junction... Read more

  • Robert Michael Jordan

    Just here to commend NH on including a new cycleway from Cart & Horses, Kingsworthy to Winnall, and bridleway from Easton Lane to Long Walk.

  • Susan Jayne Cook

    I have lived in the Village of [] for some 28 years and the M3 has been a very big part of my daily commute. The proposed works will have a catastrophic effect on the Villages that surround these... Read more

  • James Brett

    In my opinion the money could be better spent sequestering carbon by rewilding national parks/ increase nature reserves. This would also have the added benefit of the desperately needed increase in... Read more

  • Jemma Giles

    I live on thw [] that is literally on junction 9 of the M3. So we are very effected by any works on the junction. Very interested in the earthworks and tree screening that will be between us and the... Read more

  • Winchester Action on the Climate Crisis (Winchester Action on the Climate Crisis)

    It would be reckless to proceed with this project until it is clear it will not undermine the government targets to reduce emissions to net zero by 2050, and until alternative less harmful ways of... Read more

  • Charlotte Coleman

    I’m very worried about the proximity of the new road and pathways related to it, to our property. I’m very concerned that the landscape is done properly, with lots of mature trees and the roads being... Read more

  • Geoffrey Michael Fairris

    I have access rights along Long Walk/Fulling Mill Lane

  • Robert Parker

    The expansion of the current highway system encourages traffic growth, increases carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere, further suppresses wild life, pollutes our water ways and depletes our... Read more

  • Charlotte Bailey

    Carbon emissions from construction Pollution from diverted traffic during construction This will encourage more traffic when we need to reduce

  • Christine Holloway

    I oppose everything that will lead to an increase in traffic because of the harm caused by motor vehicles to the climate, physical health, mental health, children, sense of community, and wildlife.

  • Kings Worthy and Abbots Worthy Parish Council (Kings Worthy and Abbots Worthy Parish Council)

    Our parish sits at the edge of the proposed works and we are broadly in favour of the improvements but obviously have the safety and interests of our parishioners at the front of our views. We welcome... Read more

  • Philippa May Wood


  • Susan Bacchus

    This project is a total waste pf public money, leading to an increase on traffic, fossil fuel pollution and global warming. The government should be encouraging reduction in traffic, not the increase.... Read more

  • Claire Jones

    I am concerned that this project is seeking to increase road capacity, and hence greenhouse gas emissions, at a time when we urgently need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transport.

  • Extinction Rebellion Winchester (Extinction Rebellion Winchester)

    For too long we have been told that building roads solves problems but the reality is it just creates them. There is a plethora of evidence that expanding road capacity creates Induced Demand,... Read more