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Representation by West Lindsey District Council (West Lindsey District Council)

Date submitted
15 March 2023
Submitted by
Local authorities

On behalf of West Lindsey District Council: The site is a good distance outside the West Lindsey District boundary. The location of the proposed Ro-Ro Terminal would be approximately 3.3 miles (5.4 kilometres) from the shared North East Lincolnshire and West Lindsey district boundary. From the drawings/details submitted the scale of the development in terms of its height would be commensurate and in context with the surrounding existing built form. The existing Immingham Port Structures and the large settlement of Immingham sits between Immingham Port and parts of West Lindsey. It would therefore be highly unlikely to be in view from any parts of the West Lindsey District. West Lindsey District Council therefore has no observations or objections to make to the proposed development and does not consider it necessary to attend or participate in the examination hearing.