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Representation by Anglian Water Services Limited (Anglian Water Services Limited)

Date submitted
19 April 2023
Submitted by
Other statutory consultees

Anglian Water Services Limited (Anglian Water) is the statutory undertaker for water and sewerage services in the application area. Jacobs UK Limited is supporting Anglian Water as an Interested Party in this examination. Anglian Water are in contact with the Applicant regarding the protective provisions in Schedule 4 (For the Protection of Anglian Water) Part 6 of the Draft Development Consent Order (DCO) as some provisions differ from Anglian Water’s protective provisions template that was previously shared with the Applicant. Any impacted Anglian Water assets need to be identified and either diverted or protected. It is noted that no connections to Anglian Water’s services for potable water, and surface water and foul water are proposed for the development. The applicant should be aware that in the event a potable water connection be required or an increase in supply sought from Anglian Water, possibly in part to replace water supplies through sustainable abstraction reductions at private abstraction sites, that such supplies may not be available from Anglian Water. This position changed in early 2023 with further work on the draft Water Resources Management Plan. If necessary, Anglian Water will also seek and agree a Statement of Common Ground with the applicant, for example, if protective provisions are not agreed before Deadline 1 and so are a live matter for the Examining Authority.