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Representation by North Lincolnshire Council (North Lincolnshire Council)

Date submitted
19 April 2023
Submitted by
Local authorities

North Lincolnshire Council has been involved in pre-application discussions with the applicant and provided a response to the statutory consultation exercise undertaken. It is not anticipated that the proposed development will have any significant impacts of concern upon the administrative area of North Lincolnshire. The majority of impacts associated with the development are likely to be limited to the host local authority area (North East Lincolnshire). There may be some ecological, transport/highways and socio-economic impacts upon North Lincolnshire; however these are not anticipated to be significant. At this point North Lincolnshire Council have no objections to raise in respect of the proposed Ro-Ro Terminal. Notwithstanding the above comments, North Lincolnshire Council would like to be registered as an interested party and kept up to date with the progress of the examination and will be happy to answer any questions that the Examining Authority may have.