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Representation by Royal Mail Group Limited (Royal Mail Group Limited)

Date submitted
19 April 2023
Submitted by
Members of the public/businesses

Royal Mail Group Limited (Royal Mail) supports Immingham Eastern Ro-Ro Terminal, but is seeking to ensure that its road based operations are not adversely impacted during the scheme’s construction and operational phases. With the nearest Royal Mail operational property (Immingham Delivery Office, Middleplatt Road, DN40 1BL) being c 250m from the DCO boundary, Royal Mail wishes to draw its operational obligations and requirements to the attention of Associated British Ports. It is registering as an Interested Party to reserve its position to make further representations at the Examination, if required. Under section 35 of the Postal Services Act 2011, Royal Mail has been designated by Ofcom as a provider of the Universal Postal Service. Royal Mail is the only such provider in the United Kingdom. The Act provides that Ofcom’s primary regulatory duty is to secure the provision of the Universal Postal Service. Ofcom discharges this duty by imposing regulatory conditions on Royal Mail, requiring it to provide the Universal Postal Service. The Act includes a set of minimum standards for Universal Service Providers, which Ofcom must secure. The conditions imposed by Ofcom reflect those standards. Royal Mail’s performance of the Universal Service Provider obligations is in the public interest and should not be affected detrimentally by any statutorily authorised project. Accordingly, Royal Mail seeks to take all reasonable steps to protect its assets and operational interests from any potentially adverse impacts of proposed development. Royal Mail’s postal sorting and delivery operations rely heavily on road communications. Royal Mail’s ability to provide efficient mail collection, sorting and delivery to the public is highly sensitive to changes in the capacity of the highway network. Royal Mail is of the view that both the construction and operational phases of this infrastructure proposal have potential to impact on its operational interests, especially when combined with the cumulative highways impact of other major developments in the Immingham area including: • A160 – A180 Port of Immingham Improvement (Highways Agency) • Immingham Green Energy Terminal (Associated British Ports) • VPI Immingham OCGT (VPI Immingham B Ltd) In order to protect Royal Mail’s position, it is requested that wording is added to the future Construction Transport Management Plan (CTMP) to secure the following mitigations with particular regard to Royal Mail’s Delivery Office at Immingham: 1. the CTMP includes specific requirements that during the construction phase Royal Mail is notified by Associated British Ports or its contractors at least one month in advance on any proposed road closures / diversions / alternative access arrangements, hours of working; 2. where road closures / diversions are proposed, Associated British Ports or its contractors liaise with Royal Mail at least one month in advance to identify and make available alternative highway routes for operational use, where possible; and 3. cumulative highways impact from other major developments in the Immingham area is fully addressed during the Examination. Any questions of Royal Mail should be sent to: (redacted), Senior Planning Lawyer, Royal Mail Group Limited (redacted), Director, BNP Paribas Real Estate