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Representation by David Allen Wieberg

Date submitted
5 August 2022
Submitted by
Members of the public/businesses

5 August 2022 To whom it may concern I am writing to object to the Drax application to add so-called ‘carbon capture’ technology to existing biomass burning facilities. The present carbon capture technology is grossly inefficient, requiring something on the order of one sixth to one third or more of energy generated for the carbon capture process. It is also tricky and likely to be highly polluting, using toxic chemicals which in the process produce suspected carcinogens. Allowing Drax to go ahead with this brings to mind the fiasco whereby diesel fuelled private cars were touted as ‘clean’ alternatives to petrol. The fact is the Drax proposal is not in compliance with the National Planning Policy Framework’s requirements that developments be sustainable in terms of increased productivity (i.e., more efficient use of resources), benefits to health or to the environment. – With regard to the latter, Drax’s own Ecology Report admits that the project will act to degrade and destroy habitats known to have protected or rare species. Planning? Planning for what? Planet destruction, if projects like this are allowed to go ahead. This is about money and profit pure and simple. But Drax already has enough money. They don’t need more. Give the climate and the planet a break, refuse this application.