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Representation by Clare James

Date submitted
5 August 2022
Submitted by
Members of the public/businesses

I wish to object to Drax’s application to add carbon capture technology to two of its wood-burning units. I am objecting because I believe the proposal is not a sustainable development as defined in the National Planning Policy Framework [Redacted], since it is not compatible with increasing productivity, supporting communities’ health, protecting our natural environment or improving biodiversity. According to Drax’s planning document, carbon capture will reduce the net efficiency of the biomass boilers to just 28.49% because 28% of the energy generated by each unit will be needed to capture and compress CO2. The real figure could potentially be even higher. By decreasing electricity generation, there is a high chance that this will cause more fossil gas to be burned in other power stations. This is contrary to the Overarching National Policy Statement for Energy’s [Redacted] commitment to reduce energy from fossil fuels. I am also very concerned about the potential harm to human health from the amine chemicals which Drax is planning to use to separate the CO2 from the other flue gases. These amines can form other compounds when they are emitted, including nitrosamines and nitramines which are possible carcinogens [Redacted]. Yorkshire and Humberside already have high levels of air pollution [Redacted], and there is a lack of research into the impacts of these chemicals on public health. Moreover, Drax’s Ecology Report [Redacted] for the project states that this development will lead to the degradation and destruction of a number of internationally, nationally and locally important habitats where ecological surveys found rare and protected species, including orchids, water voles, otters, Great Crested Newts and many species of birds. The government classes energy from burning trees as ‘low-carbon’ and argues that it can help ‘tackle climate change’. I strongly disagree with this, as do hundreds of scientists [Redacted] and environmental NGOs around the world [Redacted] who highlight that burning wood is as bad for the climate as fossil fuels and that Drax’s claims that BECCS can achieve “negative emissions” are based on the false assumption that logging, transporting and burning trees in power stations can be “carbon neutral.” [Redacted] I urge you to take note of these concerns and refuse permission for Drax’s BECCS application. Yours sincerely, Clare James