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18 June 2024

The Examining Authority’s draft first written questions have been published.

View the draft first written questions (PDF, 611KB)

4 June 2024

The notification of Preliminary Meeting (‘Rule 6 letter’) has been sent. The letter also includes the draft Examination Timetable, updates requested from the Applicant, Initial Assessment of Principal Issues, notification of Open Floor Hearing 1 and requested Statements of Common Ground.

View the Rule 6 letter. (PDF, 353KB)

The Examination Library (PDF, 409KB) has been updated.

22 May 2024

Comments (relevant representations) from those who have registered to have their say are now published.

View the comments

The Examining Authority has exercised its discretion to accept additional submissions from the Applicant in response to the s51 Advice issued at Acceptance and additional submissions from the Environment Agency (PDF,158KB), Historic England (PDF, 295KB) and Mrs Heather Wheeler MP (PDF, 1MB)

The Examining Authority confirms that the Environment Agency and Historic England have become an Interested Party under section 102(ca) of the Planning Act 2008.

The Examination Library will be updated shortly.

8 May 2024

The register to have your say period has now closed. Comments will be published shortly.

20 March 2024

You can now register to have your say. The deadline to register is 3 May 2024.

5 March 2024

The application has been accepted for Examination.

View the acceptance letter (PDF, 168KB)

8 February 2024

This application was received by the Planning Inspectorate on 8 February 2024.

The applicant has agreed that all application documents can be published as soon as practicable to help everyone become familiar with the detail of what is being proposed in this application. The Planning Inspectorate will therefore make the application documents available as soon as practicable.

This provision is solely for the purpose of allowing more time to all those who wish to become familiar with the detail of what is being proposed ahead of the Registration and Relevant Representation period without lengthening the overall time required for the application process. There will be no opportunity at this stage to make comments on the application. However, if the application is accepted anyone interested in the application will be able to register and express their views during the Registration and Relevant Representation stage and the subsequent examination.