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Representation by Sue Cook

Date submitted
5 January 2023
Submitted by
Members of the public/businesses

Objection to this proposal..the land produces good levels of food and there can be no greener or environmentally friendly act than growing plants. The pay back time on this project is truly unknown in terms of carbon footprint. The efficiency of a solar farm in this location surely has to be questioned. This should be in no way considered a green or environmentally sustainable development. The loss of farmland will be total and permanent, the impact of this will be devastating for wildlife, birds and every other creature living here. There is a need for alternative power sources but there are other more efficient methods and less destructive ways of managing this. There is a need for food grown and this is good agricultural land which is capable of sustainably producing high levels of crops and it is highly possible to do so in a very efficient and environmentally friendly manner.