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  • Brett Virgin

    I am a supporter of the solar farm and would like to see the development plans as they get closer to sign off.

  • David Kentish

    Wholesale loss of quality arable farming land. Detrimental visual impact to the area. Increased risk of flooding. Impact on wildlife. Construction traffic creating dangerous local road conditions.

  • Dr J Al-Tayie

    I am very concerned with the proposed Mallard Pass Solar Farm. The proposed site is to be located on agricultural land stretching across South Lincolnshire into Rutland. The sheer industrial scale of... Read more

  • Elizabeth Kentish

    Loss of arable land Impact on wildlife Visual impact Increased flood risk

  • Graham Magee

    As owners of a Grade 2 star listed water mill [Redacted] we have concerns for the building from the increase in lorry use of the road outside the house and mill. The construction phases proposes... Read more

  • Ian Dair

    The proposed development is not proportionate and will result in a major loss of productive land and habitat

  • James Walker

    The installation of such extensive PV Panels on prime farm land renders the land contaminated for any future development or use, removes the land from food production and blights the local area. PV... Read more

  • Jo Saunders

    I wish to record my strong opposition to the proposal on three grounds: 1. The size of the proposed development is totally out of scale with the area and will be visually disastrous. The loss of... Read more

  • Joseph Henry Stainsby

    The project should not be allowed to go ahead because of the huge scale and the consequent gross waste of prime agricultural land on which the whole scheme is planned to be sited. At a time when food... Read more

  • Lorna Mary Stonestreet

    1. I am concerned about the increased risk of further flooding. This area has been identified as a flood plain. The construction process would cause impaction of the ground impairing the absorption of... Read more

  • Martin Webster

    The whole project is totally unsuitable for the proposed location. An eyesore taking up scarce good quality land in a beautiful area of our green and pleasant land. And for what? To make a few... Read more

  • Mary Hoyle

    Too big for the rural area Ruination of habitats Eyesore for many homes It is prime arable land, we will need to import more food if we don't produce it at home No counter benefit for local home... Read more

  • Mr Philip Archer

    I detail my opposition to the mallard pass project as follows:- Extreme impact on Essendine , also close to conservation areas. Not a financially viable form of sustainable energy based on their... Read more

  • Rodney Stainsby

    Effect on local environment and wildlife, both during the prosed building and subsequent operation of this enormous site. Loss of farmland when we import so much food already. The surrounding area is... Read more

  • Sarah Cardew

    I strongly oppose the Mallard Pass Solar project for a number of reasons: The construction process will be very destructive and disruptive to the local environment and inhabitants. The proposed array... Read more

  • Sue Cook

    Objection to this proposal..the land produces good levels of food and there can be no greener or environmentally friendly act than growing plants. The pay back time on this project is truly unknown in... Read more

  • Martin Wyatt

    The comment below refers to the question of permissive footpaths, for which I have not yet received an answer. Can the operator guarantee that, for the duration of their occupation of the site, the... Read more

  • Nial O' Boyle

    I believe this to be a very positive move for the area. I would especially encourage the integration of ruminants (eg cattle or sheep) to graze under the panels. The shelter and utilisation of pasture... Read more

  • Peter Duncan Wood

    The "Statement of needs" document within the DCO documents is incomplete. Their are two things it fails to consider. The first failure is that the document ignores the reduction in UK food security... Read more

  • William Boardman

    I write to support this project. We need to develop more solar farms to reduce our countries carbon footprint and move away from the use of fossil fuels. The areas indicated for development will not... Read more

  • Alastair Carr

    This solar farm is crucial to achieving net-zero emissions, increasing biodiversity in the UK and crucially, it will not contribute towards the loss of wildlife, because humans have already reduced... Read more

  • Anthony Peowrie

    Solar panels should never be installed on productive agricultural land. Our country needs every square meter of such land to produce food for our population. The suitable locations for solar panels... Read more

  • Charisa Harvey

    I full support the application for the solar farm. I have seen the protest banners showing the height of the panels and they are lower than the hedging. You will not be able to see them. We need to... Read more

  • Clare Polito

    Please do not build Mallard Pass Solar Farm on farmland - put solar panels on all big units and warehouses instead! The countryside and emvironment is so precious.

  • David Charles Proctor

    These solar farms inevitably use land that should be retained for food production. Moreover, they only produce energy during daylight hours which, at this time of year, is not much - just when it’s... Read more