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Representation by Dr J Al-Tayie

Date submitted
5 January 2023
Submitted by
Members of the public/businesses

I am very concerned with the proposed Mallard Pass Solar Farm. The proposed site is to be located on agricultural land stretching across South Lincolnshire into Rutland. The sheer industrial scale of the development to cover 825ha of land is a very scary prospect to our area indeed. The following reasons I object to the proposed Solar Farm: 1. The loss of productive agricultural land, UK is already a net importer of food. Now with the conflict in Ukraine and the possibility of world food shortages, we need our arable land! 2. The loss of beautiful greenfield, the selected area is not brownfield. 3. The visual impact of such large-scale development on local residents. 4. The loss of habitat for many native wild animals. 5. The traffic congestion and impact during the development and building stages. 6. Impact on local economy and lowering house values. 7. The usage of battery to store energy and their impact on the environment. 8. The usage of power electronic inverters to condition the voltage, inverters have limited operating lifespan. 9. The usage of language such as “potential mitigation and enhancement areas”. I am a big fan of green energy but not at the expense of local people, nature and animals. My understanding is that 350MW solar power is proposed, that of course is the very peak power on a beautiful sunny day. In UK, average solar farms produce roughly about 11% of their designed capacity over a year of usage. Meaning 11% (38.5MW) is small power in comparison to the applauded 350MW peak power! Solar Panels lose on average a percentage of their productive energy and they need to be kept clean to maximize their energy production. For these reasons and more I thoroughly object to the Solar Farm being located in this area!