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Representation by Lorna Mary Stonestreet

Date submitted
5 January 2023
Submitted by
Members of the public/businesses
  1. I am concerned about the increased risk of further flooding. This area has been identified as a flood plain. The construction process would cause impaction of the ground impairing the absorption of rainfall. Solar panels in such large numbers would cause further problems with run off. The last significant flooding here was 2021. This village community undertake to organise working party’s to keep the water courses clear so that they take the standing water from saturated fields during heavy or frequent rainfall. 2. This project would impact adversely the rich mixture of wildlife that are currently thriving in this area. The loss of crop affecting birds and insects. From our own garden that backs onto fields we are daily witnesses to the diversity of wild animals, birds and insects. The wild herd of deer is a joy to behold. 3. Loss of food growing land. This is so important. As a small island we have limited land to grow food crops. Recent events in Russia and The Ukraine have highlighted the need for us to increase our own growing, Not decrease it. Brown sights, motor way routes, industrial estates and laws around new build homes could provide opportunities for solar power. Farm Land used will be irrevocably damaged after decommissioning. Pause here for thought! 4. On a windy island surely wind farms would be less disruptive and more efficient? 5. Negative impact during construction of heavy vehicles damaging small local roads through villages and the noise disruption this would cause. 6. Real concerns around the manufacturing process of the panels. Workers in some of the countries named, whose working conditions and human rights fall below our own workplace laws and guidelines. 7. I am still expecting my own government to plan and implement an in-house strategy to produce sustainable energy. This achieved by UK companies and based on robust, evidence based assessments and in collaboration with communities. Something tailored to need, not profit, something underpinned by ethical concerns, something that will be effective. It’s too important to outsource and have our energy sold back to us. 8. Lastly the Disfiguring of this beautiful part of Lincolnshire.