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Representation by Anne Elizabeth Emmerson

Date submitted
27 April 2023
Submitted by
Members of the public/businesses

My main concern is the loss of prime farming land, this area has three ongoing project proposals, this project, Gate Burton and Cottam which is anticipated in covering 16 square miles!! this is too much to lose for what is not a constant source of electricity generation. Lincolnshire is a huge contributor to the production of food and crops in this country. This last year has proven, if nothing else that food security for our Country is paramount, for feeding ourselves. We can survive without electricity, we cannot survive without food! After the expiry of the 40 year lease granted for the placement of these solar panels, there will not be any generations left from the current farming community to pick up and farm the land again. The Government should be focusing on ensuring that the roofs of all newly constructed industrial/warehouse buildings are used for such projects, which would not affect our ability to grow food nor have any environmental impact on whether that be wild life or the increased risk of flooding, which this area is within a Flood Risk area. We should not be granting these projects which would simply make huge projects for Canadian investor companies.