West Burton Solar Project

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  • Adrienne Hazel Longmore

    Loss of agricultural land leading to need of imported food. Loss of habitat and decline of certain species and unintentional confinement of wildlife. Loss of rural views and countryside peace and open... Read more

  • Andrew Peter Hewes

    Concern as to the size of the project / the impact on biodiversity

  • Anne Elizabeth Emmerson

    My main concern is the loss of prime farming land, this area has three ongoing project proposals, this project, Gate Burton and Cottam which is anticipated in covering 16 square miles!! this is too... Read more

  • Carol Lynn Harrison

    This West Burton proposal is 2,000 acres. One of four solar, Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIPs) within a few miles of each other. Together this would be the largest solar farm... Read more

  • Catrin Fieldson

    Our small 350 acre family farm will effectively be surrounded by 7000 acres of solar panels for the next 40 years. I think its obvious what the practical, social and emotional impact will be for us:... Read more

  • Cheryl Felix

    I am writing on behalf of my husband and myself to object in the strongest terms to the whole proposal of a 10,000 acre solar ‘farm’ in our area, and as the West Burton project is currently being... Read more

  • Chris Milner

    Far too big in the local community as Lincolnshire seems to be taking up the rest of the country Solar with the lowest population density. And such a big provider of food and with poverty on the rise... Read more

  • Christopher Ivan Matthews

    Like all the other proposed solar panel schemes locally this will be on agricultural green belt land, we are already starting to experience food poverty and facing shortages in the shops and increased... Read more

  • Claire Thomson

    The extent of the development is excessive and if granted will repurpose valuable agricultural land when there are plenty of valid alternatives e.g., solar panels should be located on all new building... Read more

  • David Beech

    While renewable energy sources are critical for reducing our carbon footprint, I believe that this should not be achieved at the expense of our agricultural lands. Firstly, the conversion of... Read more

  • David Swayne

    This is 1 of 4 Solar NSIPs within a few miles of each other and together would be the largest solar farm complex in Europe, amounting to over 10,000 acres. Given the impact upon the community as a... Read more

  • Doreen Albone

    10000 ha will be lost for growing food. 4 proposals should be considered together.Solar. panels should be on house, building roof. 4.5 metres is to high and will ruin the landscape value. Wildlife... Read more

  • Dr Rodney May

    1) I judge the return on the proposed investment is poor when considered in the context of when the energy will be produced and the loss of a valuable food source. 2) I judge that money would be... Read more

  • Dr Terence David Organ

    This is a flawed project because it is a threat to food security for future generations. The population continues to grow, with demands for more housing, houses are being built on good quality... Read more

  • Emma Bailey

    All of the solar farms in this area need to be submitted as a whole the area is vast and uses too much agricultural land that could be used to grow food.

  • Emma Kimberley

    I do not support any of the 4 projects, in particular - its routing. All 4 projects should be looked at as 1. The scale is astronomical. On a personal level as a small land owner, it destroys anything... Read more

  • Gaynor Marise Collins

    All this land needs to be kept as agricultural land. Recent events have shown that we need to become self sufficient as a country. Added to that these are rural areas and should be left as such and... Read more

  • Jane Gidlow on behalf of Gidlow (Gidlow)

    1. The West Burton proposal is Just 1 of 4 Solar, Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIPs) within a few miles of each other. Together this would be the largest solar farm complex in... Read more

  • Ian Dovey

    Wind power is a lot more efficient Solar will ruin walking areas important to people’s mental health. It’s unsightly and may reduce property value. Solar should be on large building roofs which are... Read more

  • Jacqueline Beetenson

    Taking farmland where crops are grown Impact on wildlife Impact on residents Disturbance of the Roman toad

  • Jeremy Hutchinson

    In the interests of national food security it seems madness to use good farmland for projects such as solar energy. There are unproductive areas, roofs, brownfield sites etc which could (and should)... Read more

  • Joseph Henry Creswell

    Although I am for the development of Solar energy as a sustainable method for energy production I am firmly against this project due to its scale and impact on our beautiful Lincolnshire countryside.... Read more

  • Julia I Vipond

    We need our farmland for the production of food which is vital for us to be less dependent on imports. We also should be putting solar panels on the rooftops of warehouses supermarkets, shopping malls... Read more

  • Lorraine Hardy

    This is not the most constructive way of making use of solar energy. There are many industrial as well as farm buildings with roof space that could be used to incorporate this system. There are... Read more

  • Maisie Thomson-Whitehouse

    This project uses valuable arable farm land and is too extensive, there are other workable plans.