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Representation by Adrienne Hazel Longmore

Date submitted
27 April 2023
Submitted by
Members of the public/businesses

Loss of agricultural land leading to need of imported food. Loss of habitat and decline of certain species and unintentional confinement of wildlife. Loss of rural views and countryside peace and open air uncontaminated by vehicle traffic on small, under maintained roads. Most people living in rural areas are there by choice and place a value on the surrounding countryside that is there at the present. Value of property decline due to reasons mentioned in this survey. Insufficient information and lack of real discussion. The decision by large solar companies to mislead us by choosing to represent this enormous scheme as 4 smaller projects. Lack of proper consultation with real people in real villages and maps lacking specific details. Heavy vehicle traffic disrupting country life. The use of solar power when there is so little sunshine! Therefore it is inefficient. Tidal power is regular and dependable.