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Representation by Cheryl Felix

Date submitted
27 April 2023
Submitted by
Members of the public/businesses

I am writing on behalf of my husband and myself to object in the strongest terms to the whole proposal of a 10,000 acre solar ‘farm’ in our area, and as the West Burton project is currently being discussed, to add our objections to this one. Apart from the sheer unsightliness of the panels, we are unable to understand why anyone would put these things on perfectly good arable land, at a time when the production of our own crops and vegetables is being urged at a national level. Too much of this land is going under concrete where brownfield sites are continually shunned. We neither need nor want these solar panels and their installation would ruin the entire area, and also see property prices falling. When we moved here there were arable fields opposite - these are now a housing estate (none of them ‘affordable’). A huge asylum seeker camp is planned for Scampton at the end out our road. Now the threat of this solar development looms. The local people have had enough, do not want it, and will do their utmost to prevent it. I am writing to add my voice to the many thousands you will receive, protesting against this extremely unpopluar project, which will have the effect of desecrating forever the rural beauty of Lincolnshire. We moved to our house in Marton in 2015, from Brighton, because we loved its semi-rural status and the fact that we would be surrounded by peaceful countryside. Had we known that, a few years later, we would not only have a housing estate built directly opposite us, we also are in line for 2000 'refugees' (economical) at the end of our road at Scampton, and now it is proposed to build an absolutely massive solar development in and around our village. Had we known this, we would not have bought here. Now, with all three of these things happenening, we will be unable to move away since the value of our home will plummet. We did not ask for these things, they are being imposed upon us and that cannot be fair. So here is why we vehemently oppose this. 1. Unsightly desecration of our countryside which will be seen for miles around. We will never get the countryside back. It will no longer be somewhere to unwind and walk. 2. There is much in the media and online which suggests that solar energy is inefficient. 3. If we are supposed to be so much in love with solar, the panels should be placed on top of public buildings, and private ones if the owners consent. 4. There is to be a 20 MW storage facility for solar batteries in our village! This is a residential area! What are the planners thinking of? If these things explode for any reason, are you going to compensate us for the loss of our homes? Or our lives for that matter? Or be able to sort out the effects on the environment? 5. One of the most important issues - these things are being placed on arable land. The field opposite us was once a barleyfield, now it sits under concrete covered in 39+ houses that will only benefit those who just fancy a new house - not first time buyers at all. Developers love to put their tiny, gardenless houses on arable land so that they don't have the problem of demolishing or converting existing buildings. Consider how often this is happening across the country. Consider the loss of farmlend. Then consider the fact that the UK imports vast amounts of grain, fruit and vegetables from overseas. Then when there is conflict or drought in those countries, we get nothing and then the supermarket shelves are bare, and prices go up, contributing to hardship and inflation. Farmland is to grow food on, not to cover with solar panels. Or to build on for that matter. There is a massive groundswell of public opinion on this right now - people are sick of seeing arable land built on. And rightly so. Lincolnshire is blessed with very fertile soil and provides a good percentage of the food we eat. For now. 6. As a result of the above, farmers will go out of business and their workers will lose their jobs. 7. Who is going to compensate us for the devaluation of our homes that this will undoubtedly bring? 8. Lincolnshire is a county which, due to its position and rural qualities, usually attracts holidaymakers and tourists. Why would they bother coming to see our spoilt countryside? So there will be a massive negative effect on tourism. 9. The people affected by this are going to suffer mentally. Who wants to live in an area surrounded by solar panels as far as the eye can see, and a battery storage facility, where once there were fields? Don't underestimate the effects of this huge change on the psyche of the residents, who will be trapped, unable to move away as nobody will want to buy their house from them. 10. What do you think will happen to the wildlife that shares this area with us? But that's not even on the list of concerns as far as the developers care. 11. Our bills will NOT come down as a result of these being built. So what is the benefit to us? None of course. The people of Lincolnshire are sick of being overridden by businesses who want to jump on the 'green' bandwagon and don't give a toss about the effects on residents. I'll bet that not a single one on the proposal board lives in the area. We do not want these panels. Neither do we need them. I hope more than just lip service is paid to the objections as it was by the Council when they waved through the estate opposite us, despite huge opposition. We will fight this ill thought-out proposal all the way. Cheryl and Richard Felix