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Advice to Lincolnshire County Council

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Lincolnshire County Council
Date advice given
2 March 2023
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Following on from my email and response from Ryan below I thought it would be an opportunity to contact you directly regarding the setting up of a further meeting to discuss logistics for the examinations before we get into the detail for each individual examination when it will become more difficult to look holistically at the process. As you know Cottam and Gate Burton have now been submitted and accepted by PINS and I have received the PINS ‘notification letter’ that West Burton will be submitted on 10th March. So, there is now certainty that these projects will progress to examination, more so than when we met last September. Having spoken to Officers at West Lindsey District Council and representatives from Low Carbon there is certainly a desire to have a further meeting. Also the feedback from the local community is that they would like some certainty about how the applications can be examined in a way that enables the cumulative impacts from all the projects to be looked at in the round rather than at three separate examinations. So I believe that there is good justification to have a further meeting as soon as practically possible to enable all parties to set out their position and hopefully an agreement can be reached which can also be communicated to the local communities who are currently very concerned that the applications will only be assessed in isolation.

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