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  • Colin Crossman

    Our representation will consist of the following points: Severance of access rights over 2 level crossings that we have historical rights over Improper use of the dco to provide a third party with an... Read more

  • Gareth Jones

    As a resident of Portishead I am generally very supportive of the plans. I have no issues as presented

  • Osborne Clarke LLP (Osborne Clarke LLP ) on behalf of Western Power Distribution (South West) plc (Western Power Distribution (South West) plc)

    We act for Western Power Distribution (South West) plc ('WPD') whose registered office is at Avonbank, Feeder road, Bristol, BS2 0TB. Please accept this as WPD's representation consisting of a holding... Read more

  • Aston & Co UK Ltd (Aston & Co UK Ltd)

    Support for the project on the following grounds by relieving the traffic at peak flows from Portishead to the local employment centre of Bristol; Providing the reals opportunity for more sustainable... Read more

  • John Burke

    I want to be able to illustrate all the positive benefits that this will bring to the wider Bristol community. In particular how it will reduce commuting time and reduce the amount of traffic coming... Read more

  • Luke Bonham

    The introduction of old diesel trains is now at odds with NSC declaration of a climate emergency and could be open to a legal challenge. Plans are being put in place to migrate away from fossil fuels... Read more

  • Tony Coughlan

    I live close to the railway line and cycle/walk on the routes affected by it's redevelopment. As a neighbour, I am also interested in the environmental impact of the line.

  • Mrs Jane Fear on behalf of Mr Michael James LEE (Mr Michael James LEE)

    Dear Sir I am representing my father Mr Michael James Lee. He is elderly and I hold a Power of Attorney for him, allowing me to act on his behalf. Please note that all correspondence should be sent to... Read more

  • Andrew Watt

    I fully proposed the proposed scheme. It will substantially improve rail services in the area, and therefore provide significant economic and social benefits. It will reduce road usage and associated... Read more

  • Peter Kirsen (WITHDRAWN)

    reference 06/566 This indicates a potential compulsory purchase. I would like to have an informal discussion with a surveyor regarding a more amicable and less costly alternative

  • North Somerset Levels Internal Drainage Board (North Somerset Levels Internal Drainage Board)

    The North Somerset Levels Internal Drainage Board is a flood risk management authority, and under the Land Drainage Act 1991 has a duty to “exercise a general supervision over all matters relating to... Read more

  • Andrew Youngs

    I am concerned about arrangements for pedestrians and cyclists crossing Royal Portbury Dock Road once the off-road cycle route is diverted from under the road bridge to climb up the embankments to... Read more

  • W J Hall

    I am a user of NCN26, the cycle way from Pill to Portishead. My representation will relate to the effects of the railway on NCN26 1. Introducing an extra dog leg into NCN26, so making it more... Read more

  • Tom Stanley

    1. What else is being done to prevent users of the train station parking in the village quarter for free? The roads are already busy and impacts bus routes and waste collections? (Look at Nailsea &... Read more

  • Dr Bob Langton

    Whilst I am strongly in favour of the reopening of a passenger service on the Bristol-Portishead railway line I have severe reservations about the detailed plans for the necessary work in the Pill &... Read more

  • Martin Berry

    Portishead Branch line DCO scheme environmental statement, volume 2. Chapter 4. Description of the proposed works. Pages 4-18 to 4-21. Construction of the railway Works Numbers 1 and 1A 3 Options are... Read more

  • Pill & Easton-in-Gordano Parish Council (Pill & Easton-in-Gordano Parish Council)

    Concerns about the impact of the MetroWest DCO Scheme on the residents of Pill & Easton-in-Gordano Parish, the local environment and its wildlife, during both the construction and operational phases... Read more

  • Somerset County Council (Somerset County Council)

    This representation is made by Somerset County Council as an ‘adjacent’ planning authority. Planning and Transport Policy Context The MetroWest Phase 1 project will contribute to delivery on our... Read more

  • Mike Richards on behalf of Nine of Bristol (Nine of Bristol)

    1) We support the application to reuse an existing route and provide energy efficient, public transport. But the time line to completion considering the climate crisis should dictate electrification... Read more

  • Rob Harvey

    I have grave concerns about the creation of work depots in Pill and Ham Green re the Metrowest reinstatement of the Portishead to Bristol rail line. Though the presence of toads, newts and reptiles at... Read more

  • William Ovel

    Concerns relating to disruption caused to Pill & Easton-in-Gordano residents by DCO Scheme. These include, but are not limited to: 1. Location of Construction Compound at Lodway Farm with attendant... Read more

  • Charles Money

    My wife, Sarah-Jane Money, and I are the owners of (Redacted). We have been notified that this is subject to a DCO as part of the works preparing the railway line. We rent this property out to... Read more

  • Eleanor Blaney

    My concerns are that there has been a lack of specific information about works to be carried out. Access has been requested to a portion of our land but we do not know for how long, at what times,... Read more

  • Deborah Burton

    conerned about the use of Lodway farm as a construction compound as this will make it a brown site afterwards with the potential for houses to be built there

  • Kathryn Wring

    The plan to access a compound via The Breaches and therefore also Trinder Road, The Poplars & the village of Easton in Gordano is totally inappropriate for the relevant traffic and size of the roads.... Read more