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Latest update - 10 May 2024

The Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero has decided to extend the statutory deadline for this application to 18 July 2024. A statement confirming the new deadline for the decision has been made to the House of Commons and House of Lords, in accordance with section 107(7) of the Planning Act 2008

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About the project

Type of application: Generating Stations

Name of applicant: North Lincolnshire Green Energy Park Limited

The Project consists of an Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) converting up to 650,000 tonnes per annum of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) to generate a maximum of 95 Mega Watts of electrical output (MWe) and/or 380 Mega Watts of thermal output (MWt) to provide power, heat and steam on the site of the operating Flixborough Wharf on the River Trent. The Project will incorporate battery storage, hydrogen production from the electrolysis of water, hydrogen storage, heat and steam storage. It will also include heat-treatment of bottom and fly ash, concrete block manufacturing, carbon dioxide capture and utilisation and an extended district heat network of 5km, power and gas network to service the nearby proposed housing development. Development at the site will also include the following associated measures to allow access to and from the site by road, rail or river, with a correspondingly reduced environmental impact: i. an extension to Flixborough Wharf; ii. the reopening of a 9km single track railway line that connects Flixborough Wharf with the steel works at Scunthorpe; iii. a railhead complex to handle the RDF and concrete products; and iv. a new road alignment to facilitate the flow of traffic accessing the site from the south.

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Project stage

This project is at the decision stage.

The date set for this to be completed is 18 July 2024


This is where the applicant starts to create their application. The applicant is required to consult with people and organisations in the area. They must also create detailed documents about the impact the project could have on the environment.

It is important to get involved at this stage to influence the application before the applicant sends it to the Planning Inspectorate.

Find out what you can do at this stage and check our detailed guides.

This is when the applicant sends us their application documents. We check if we can accept the application for examination. We have 28 days to make this decision.

How the acceptance stage works and what happens next.

The Examining Authority is appointed and is made up of one or more inspectors. Anyone who wants to have their say needs to register at this stage.

The applicant must publish that the application has been accepted by us. They include when and how parties can register to get involved. The time period for registering is set by the applicant but must be no less than 28 days.

The pre-examination stage usually takes about 3 months.

What happens during the pre-examination stage.

The Examining Authority will ask questions about the proposed development. The applicant and anyone who has registered to have their say can get involved and submit comments at each deadline in the timetable. You can also attend hearings that may take place. This stage takes up to 6 months.

What happens at the examination stage?

The Examining Authority writes its recommendation report. This must be completed and sent to the relevant Secretary of State within 3 months of the end of examination stage.

Making a recommendation.

The decision stage is when the relevant Secretary of State then reviews the report and makes the final decision. They have 3 months to make a decision.

Who makes the final decision.
In progress
What happens after the decision is made

Once the Secretary of State has made a decision, there is a 6 week period where people can challenge the decision in the high court. This is called a judicial review.

What you can do after the decision has been made.
Not started

Project location

Flixborough Wharf, Flixborough Industrial Estate, North Lincolnshire.

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