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Latest update - 16 February 2024

The Action Points from the following hearings have been published:

The Examining Authority has issued a notice of a Hearing and changes to the Examination Timetable (PDF, 272 KB)

The ExA has, at their discretion, accepted a submission from Neil Elliott as an Additional Submission (PDF, 563 KB)

Following the Examining Authoritys (ExA) decision to accept the Applicant Proposed Provision for examination (PDF, 249 KB), comments are now invited on the Applicants proposed provision for the compulsory acquisition of additional land by 23:59 on Friday 15 March 2024.

Any comments must be made on the Registration and Relevant Representation Form and must relate only to the Applicant proposed provision for the compulsory acquisition of additional land as set out in the Applicant Change Request documents. Any submissions that are not in relation to this, or are not on the prescribed form, will not be seen by the ExA and will be disregarded. Comments submitted after the deadline will also be disregarded.

The Planning Inspectorate webpage for the West Burton Solar project will be moved entirely over to the new BETA service on 19 February 2024. This means that the appearance of the "Overview" tab will be more consistent with the tabs on the BETA project webpage, and that information on the current "Overview" tab may be presented in a different way. Please contact the Case Team if you have any concerns or queries: westburtonsolarproject@planninginspectorate.gov.uk

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About the project

Type of application: Generating Stations

Name of applicant: West Burton Solar Project Limited

NSIP development comprising four electricity generating stations, each with anticipated capacity in excess of 50MW, comprising of ground mounted solar arrays, with associated development comprising energy storage, grid connection infrastructure and other infrastructure integral to the construction, operation, and maintenance of the NSIPs

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Project stage

This project is at the examination stage

During the examination stage, those who registered can submit comments at the deadlines set out in the examination timetable. You may also attend hearings, if hearings are held.

You can also view the Rule 8 letter to find out more about what you can do during the examination stage.

Find out more about the examination of the application stage.

If you have a legal interest in land affected by the proposed development and:

  • have not been contacted by the developer; and
  • did not register to have your say to become an interested party

Email WestBurtonSolarProject@planninginspectorate.gov.uk with your request to become an interested party.


This is where the applicant starts to create their application. The applicant is required to run a consultation and engage with people and organisations in the area. They must also create detailed documents about the impact the project could have on the environment.

It is important to get involved at this stage to influence the application before the applicant sends it to the Planning Inspectorate.

Find out what you can do at this stage and check our detailed guides

This is when the applicant sends us their application documents. We check if we can accept the application for examination. We have 28 days to make this decision.

How the acceptance stage works and what happens next

The examining authority is appointed and is made up of one or more inspectors. Anyone who wants to have their say will be able to register at this stage.

The applicant must publish that the application has been accepted by us. They include when and how parties can register to get involved. The time period for registering is set by the applicant but must be no less than 28 days.

The pre-examination stage usually takes about 3 months.

What happens during the pre-examination stage

The examining authority will ask questions about the proposed development. The applicant and anyone who has registered to have their say can get involved and submit comments at each deadline in the timetable. You can also attend hearings that may take place. This stage takes up to 6 months.

What happens at the examination stage
In progress

The examining authority writes its recommendation report. This must be completed and sent to the relevant Secretary of State within 3 months of the end of examination.

Making a recommendation
Not started

The decision stage is when the relevant Secretary of State then reviews the report and makes the final decision. They have 3 months to make a decision.

Who makes the final decision
Not started
What happens after the decision is made

Once the Secretary of State has made a decision, there is a 6-week period where people can challenge the decision in the high court. This is called a judicial review.

What you can do after the decision has been made
Not started

Project location

West Burton 1-3 land parcels located to the south of Sturton by Stow and south east of Marton.

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