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  • Aileen Margaret King

    The noise of planes at night is gradually increasing, as is the noise of helicopters during the day. I do use the airport from time to time, but find that it gets more & more crowded, more difficult... Read more

  • Alison Young

    Unsustainable / unnecessary development. Noise Pollution Climate change

  • Blakeney Homes Ltd (Blakeney Homes Ltd)

    Disturbances from extra air traffic

  • Dr Guy Frank Foster

    I am totally against the proposed expansion of Luton airport. I live on the flight path and am already disturbed by the noise pollution from aircraft taking off and flying over the village. Further... Read more

  • Eastern Power Networks Plc and UK Power Networks Operations Ltd (Eastern Power Networks Plc and UK Power Networks Operations Ltd)

    Dear Sirs, Fisher German act as agents for and on behalf of UK Power Networks (Operations) Limited and its susbidary companies that operate the electricity distribution network within this area... Read more

  • GDPR-001

    The expansion of Luton Airport will disrupt many wildlife, including protected species such as Barn owls, Starlings, Bats, Red Kite nests, and Hedgehogs, as well as invading on land home to deer... Read more

  • Harishchandra Umradia

    This project is going to impact the noise levels around (REDACTED) where I own a property under mortgage. There is no doubt in my mind that this project will impact the value of my investment on this... Read more

  • Jeff Clarkson

    I am very concerned about the potential impacts of any further expansion of Luton Airport. As someone who has lived in a neighbouring village for 18 years we have been subjected to increasing noise... Read more

  • John D Mardle

    A) the impact on health both mental and physical re light, noise air pollution B) the impact of more infrastructure, buildings, runways on the environment in total Co2 emissions targets not met by... Read more

  • Juliet Reid

    At the moment and more concerned with the increase in noise pollution and other pollution with increased traffic. Do residents within the area have any choice or option to sell to the LLA?

  • Michael Reddington

    I oppose further expansion of London Luton Airport.

  • Mr Peter A Garbutt

    I live in Sheffield, so it's obvious the greater noise and immediate pollution effects won't affect me. But the wider issue is the climate impacts from more flights. This WILL affect me, and indeed... Read more

  • Nigel Emms

    Luton has consistently broken aircraft noise limits Luton has for over 10 yrears been claiming it will address noise and flight paths affecting local communities Luton is already seeking to break... Read more

  • Nigel Tully MBE

    As a local resident under part of the flight path I have all the usual concerns about increased noise, road traffic and pollution plus the impact on our national progress to net zero. But I wish to... Read more

  • Simon Robert Brough Leadbeater

    I want to emphasise: I wish to stress the impact of existing opertions on nature, as directly experienced/witnessed by me as I live in a woodland five miles from Luton Airport. The existing level of... Read more

  • Sophie Elizabeth Barber

    I wish to object to any increase in Passenger numbers at Luton Airport.

  • The Thomas Family (The Thomas Family) on behalf of The Thomas Family (The Thomas Family)

    The impact of the planes' noise is having a significant impact on our quality of life by reducing the tranquillity of where we live and disrupting our sleep.

  • Zahid Qadir Shaikh

    I am not happy with this entirely as the expansion will affect the members of my family as we have [Redacted] people in our home and they will be affected by noise. Also when I first purchased my... Read more

  • Devang Patel

    Excessive noise from extra aircraft. Extra traffic on roads

  • Harmanpiar Gill

    Under section 56 I have been informed by Luton Rising that I have been identified as someone who may be entitled to make a claim for compensation as a result of the implementation of the propose... Read more

  • John Eugene Osullivan

    Our house is a 16th century Grade 2* building and of special historic importance It is directly under the flight path and suffers enormously from noise and air pollution already The expansion plans... Read more

  • Miss Eleanor Field

    My property lies directly below the flight path and so I feel that with increased capacity, my peace and quiet will be impacted significantly. I also regularly travel to Gipsy Lane and worry that... Read more

  • Paul James Cullen

    Living in Breachwood Green I understand the proximity to the airport however we have constant aircraft noise during the day with [importantly] flights continuing overnight which disturb sleep and... Read more

  • Daren Bloor on behalf of The Bloor Family (The Bloor Family)

    I understand the need for Luton to expand and to ensure it makes profits for it's self as well as bringing in much need work for the local area, but the air traffic over my house will double, and... Read more

  • Usama Butt

    TR020001 I own this flat (REDACTED) and have received a letter from Luton Rising that I have been identified as someone who can make a claim for compensation as a result of implementation of... Read more