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  • Ailsa Louise Mole

    Howden and surrounding villages are already at risk of flood and this will only exasperate the situation. Solar power is not necessarily the right way to go at this time, we don’t have the... Read more

  • Amanda Best

    I oppose the project

  • Andrew Clive Belk

    the size and intensity of this application is an obscenity. wind turbine development has already blighted this area of outstanding natural beauty. its wildlife already pressured by this, wildfowl in... Read more

  • Anne Brown

    This project is far too large for the area. It will utilise large swathes of productive agricultural land, used both for crop and beef. East Yorkshire is being inundated with solar projects depleting... Read more

  • Mrs Sally Anne Beckitt on behalf of Beckitt and Macmillan (Beckitt and Macmillan)

    Our homes are not shown on the map boom provided to the inspectorate even though we informed boom on a number of occasions. Our daily view of the rural open countryside will be spoilt. And Wildlife... Read more

  • David Brian Southworth

    The project, whilst supportable in terms of the national infrastructure, is too intense for one community to absorb. It will cover 26.8% of the entire parish area of our village.

  • Denise Browne

    This cannot be allowed to go ahead, I regularly walk at both the Brind site and down Spaldington and both areas are teeming with wildlife!! Every time I see deer, foxes, hares, rabbits and birds of... Read more

  • Elaine Meldrum

    It’s far too big. It will have too big an impact on the community. Wildlife, hedgerows and nature will be disrupted and their habitat damaged or removed. There will be too many trucks on our roads... Read more

  • Elected Ward Councillor East Riding of Yorkshire Council (Elected Ward Councillor East Riding of Yorkshire Council)

    As the Elected Ward Councillor for the area of impact, Howdenshire. The residents I represent have a number of concerns. One of them is the huge size of the area of impact and also close proximity to... Read more

  • Emma Foster

    There are several reasons I would like to be able to comment on these plans and these are; Effect on the rural setting in which we live: We have lived in Gribthorpe for over 15 years and chose our... Read more

  • Emma Humphrey

    This proposed project will destroy numerous villages, communities, destroy the farmland for 40 years +, with the visual impact, the noise, the construction traffic on the narrow country single track... Read more

  • Fiona McHale

    It's taking away the countryside to make way for an eyesore, the majority of fields (albeit classed as brown for some unfathomable reason) have been used for farming produce for decades, what next!?... Read more

  • Florence Taylor

    Adverse affects on hedgerows, trees & wildlife; residential amenity; visual amenity; loss of farmland/food security; traffic/infrastructure; two years of construction; entire villages surrounded by... Read more

  • Gillian Mary Dixon

    I am seriously concerned about the disruption, the noise, the traffic on narrow roads, the mess, the destruction of habitat, the use of productive farmland, the impact on local families, the impact on... Read more

  • Heather Burton

    I strongly object to this as I believe this proposed development is far too big and far too close to residential properties and villages, adversely affecting residential and visual amenity. Entire... Read more

  • Helen Gore

    If this application goes ahead it would change every aspect of living in Gribthorpe. Walking, driving, cycling,bird watching ,nature etc.It will impact visually and mentally on a minute by minute... Read more

  • Helena Ellis

    Food production and security is more important,solar panals should be fitted roofs.Covering the landscape will harm wildlife habitat and the countryside making it all look like industrial landscape

  • Howard Dykes

    Concerned about the disruption, the traffic, noise and destruction to the habitat and the eyesore.

  • Jacqueline Jones

    The size of this proposal is beyond ridiculous. I am not against a smaller option but the scale of this needs to be seriously reconsidered .

  • Jan Wildgoose

    The impact of this proposal on: Food security and loss of farmland, with loss of local farm workers jobs The effects on wildlife, hedgerows, trees and bio diversity Creating an industrial zone where... Read more

  • Jennifer Buckle

    Project far too big for the area,adverse affect on wildlife,noise and battery storage and issue

  • Joan Mary Lunn

    Transport - Single track poorly maintained lanes are unsuitable for the forecasted heavy goods traffic. Two lorries cannot pass so will drive and destroy the verges. Soil- Very heavy clay fields... Read more

  • Joanne Mahoney

    I am utterly appalled that this monstrosity is even being considered let alone going under the guise of environmentaly friendly! It will ruin our surrounding countryside.

  • John Charles Jessop

    I object to covering valuable farmland with solar panels. From personal experience of a solar panel installation in East Yorkshire I know the power generated in winter when power is needed most is a... Read more

  • Karen Hunt-Brown

    Too large . Need to use brown sites