Hinckley National Rail Freight Interchange

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  • Adam Clarson

    Whilst understanding the potential benefits to the local economy and employment of the proposed project, it is being proposed in a completely unsuitable location which already suffers from poor... Read more

  • Alan David Hemsley

    I STRONGLY object to this development as it majorly impacts on the countryside around Burbage area, which is already subjected to massive house building and destruction of our local environment... Read more

  • Alison Cooper

    Landscape destroyed. Wildlife destroyed. There’s already been thousands of developments in the surrounding area. The A5 are still building towards Hinckley roundabout. Thousands of houses have been... Read more

  • Andrew Eburne

    Hinckley had a thriving hosiery industry and with that the town centre was in a far better condition than what it is today. Logistics can fill the gap that hosiery has left so this development should... Read more

  • Andrew Egginton

    Daventry is under-used as per report, freight moved down 9% lowest since records began, Freight Lifted down 17% as per October to December report 2022 compared to a year earlier, it's Obvious Daventry... Read more

  • Andrew Glyn Wright

    Burbage common is a special place that is enjoyed by 100's of people including myself. The common, woods and footpaths around it shouldn't be effected by any form of development, this would really be... Read more

  • Andrew Logie

    I fully support this application. This part of Leicestershire needs jobs and good career development opportunities for young people and safe, secure housing. My only request is that walking and... Read more

  • Andrew Stuart Garratt

    1. I presume all vehicles whether Train or Lorries will be Electric as the Emissions from this transport will be at an unacceptable level if the Hub is to go ahead. 2. I presume no green belt land... Read more

  • Anthony Allan Coslett

    Industrial development around Hinckley and neighbouring villages and communities is growing exponentially alongside housing construction on greenfield and brownfield sites. The environmental impact... Read more

  • Avril Hollowell

    Huge issues to our environment, close to our Burbage common where we enjoy peace and tranquility outdoors. Surely this will impact our wildlife too and create noise, diesel fumes and presuming an... Read more

  • Carl Richard Palmer

    I think this will impact on the local community, Wildlife, House prices, roads will be more dangerous with lorries going through the village causing noise and air pollution let alone children crossing... Read more

  • Charlotte Dickerson

    As a local resident I am extremely concerned about the impact this development will have on the immediate area in terms of traffic and environmental impact and consequential impact on the local... Read more

  • Christina Thompson

    I strongly object to this project. The local infrastructure is already over subscribed and very little consideration has been given by this project to address these issues. The Interchange will bring... Read more

  • Christopher wood

    I do not believe this is the right location for such a development.We already have massive expansion of industrial estates and housing in and around the local area.All of these developments are... Read more

  • Clare Eaton

    My main concern is that this huge development abuts a popular and well used local beauty spot, containing meadows, woodlands, streams and common land. It is currently a quiet and peaceful place, full... Read more

  • Cllr. Maggie Wright

    Highways Infrastructure inadequate. Negative impact on Environment. Pollution and Air Quality generated. By pass needed to eliminate traffic through Fosse Villages. Inadequate traffic management plan.... Read more

  • Cyril Fennell

    The development is unnecessary. Significant issues:- loss of farmland, increase of heavy duty traffic, loss of pasture, hedges, natural habitat resulting in impact to wildlife. There is extensive... Read more

  • David Baxendale

    I hold a Masters degree MSc) with distinction in Environmental Management. I am concerned about the accuracy and validity of the road traffic impact assessment of this proposal. I would like to... Read more

  • David Leslie

    It is my opinion that the road plan is not suitable and a thoroughfare through the Common will destroy the SSSI and environment. The proposed quantity of traffic will adversely impact upon the... Read more

  • David Michael Seller

    I am against the hub being built, we already have big congestion problems on Sapcote road leading into Burbage this will only get much worse. The proposed development is on the edge of Burbage common... Read more

  • David Rogers

    The proposed construction of a national rail freight interchange near our community will have significant negative impacts on the local environment, health, and quality of life for residents. The... Read more

  • Dawn Kidd

    I oppose the development for numerous reasons including but not limited to noise & light pollution; destruction of Greenland and wildlife; risk of flooding; increased and dangerous traffic on already... Read more


    Completely against. Impact to residents noise traffic etc, roads not built for such traffic in the area, increase to population in Hinckley where we already can’t get a dentist or a GP appointment,... Read more

  • Dr Michael Motley

    The proposal to provide an access road to link to the B road opposite the rugby club, cricket club, squash club and football club is dangerous. The B road cannot accommodate the amount of HGV traffic... Read more

  • Franck Lavie

    Again today around 6pm, junction 2 of the M69 to Hinckley had a two mile queue of cars. This is extremely dangerous and bringing this additional flow with lorries will only make matters worse. Instead... Read more