East Anglia ONE North Offshore Windfarm

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  • Olivia Brown

    Scottish Power Renewables have not given sufficient consideration in formulating their proposals in respect of the following 1.Locating all supporting infrastructure offshore to prevent the... Read more

  • David Horton

    The proposed site of the power station abuts the village of Friston where I live. It will destroy the character of the whole area and it cuts right across the ancient public right of way where we take... Read more

  • Michael Barnard

    Impact on visual and ecological issues

  • Martin Cotter

    My property is a listed building and sighted a few hundred metres north of the proposed infrastructure locations. This area of Suffolk is still one of the few unspoilt idylls left in our... Read more

  • Suffolk Coast & Heaths Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) (Suffolk Coast & Heaths Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB))

    I should like to make a representation on behalf of the Suffolk Coast & Heaths Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) Partnership. The Partnership is made up of around 25 organisations who are... Read more

  • Robert Browne

    My reason for submitting this representation as an interested party is that I live within 20 meters of the proposed development area. I fully support the development of sustainable power and the... Read more

  • Sarah Courage

    I strongly object to the proposed two huge substations at Friston as they will dwarf the small tranquil village and Grade II listed Church and totally disrupt and devastate the lives of the its... Read more

  • Emma Steadman

    My property backs directly onto the site proposed for the project cutting off footpaths I use every day with my dogs. My safety and that of numerous other vulnerable and elderly dog walkers in the... Read more

  • Norfolk Independent Fisherman Association (Norfolk Independent Fisherman Association)

    We, the Norfolk Independent Fisherman Association, object to this application on the grounds that a number of our members will be financially at a loss and it will interrupt our fishing operations. We... Read more

  • Pat Dorcey

    I would like to register my interest as since Nov 2017 my life has been in turmoil. Firstly to stumble across a project of this magnitude when attending a parish council meeting on a simple planning... Read more

  • Whale and Dolphin Conservation (Whale and Dolphin Conservation)

    The North Sea offers a variety of rich cetacean habitats. Whilst gaps still remain in our knowledge of the cetaceans which live year round or migrate through our waters, East Anglia ONE North offshore... Read more

  • Philip Lines

    I have consistently argued that it is not in anyone's best interest to locate the onshore elements of this scheme several miles inland. Not only will this cause a significant blight in a rural area of... Read more

  • Jan Packard

    Siting of proposed substation at Friston to accommodate EA2 and EA1N wind farms will have a devasting effect on people’s lives, and countryside in Suffolk Large areas of AONB will be destroyed and... Read more

  • Mark Haines

    I live 3 miles inland from Thorpeness/Sizewell and will be directly affected by the idea of bringing windfarm electricity a few miles inland before joining it to the grid. I don't think we have to... Read more

  • Rosie Norton

    My chief concern involving this application is the detrimental effect it will have on a beautiful part of Suffolk which is enjoyed by residents and visitors alike, This area is of major importance to... Read more

  • Suffolk County Council (Suffolk County Council)

    Content to be sent by separate email due to the length of representation.

  • Aldringham-Cum-Thorpe Parish Council (Aldringham-Cum-Thorpe Parish Council)

    Aldringham-cum-Thorpe Parish Council fully supports the migration of green energy. However, due to suitability of the North Sea to produce wind energy it is vital that a full strategic review is... Read more

  • Office for Nuclear Regulation (Office for Nuclear Regulation)

    ONR has a role as a statutory consultee for National Policy Statements (NPS) and Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIPs) likely to affect matters relevant to ONR’s purposes, as... Read more

  • Harwich Harbour Fishermen's Association (Harwich Harbour Fishermen's Association)

    The Harwich Fisherman’s Association [Redacted] 11th December 2019 PROPOSED EAST ANGLIA ONE NORTH OFFSHORE WINDFARM OBJECTION As a member representing the 17 vessels of Harwich Fisherman's Association... Read more

  • M C Jones

    Friston is totally unsuitable for this proposed huge development which will destroy a vast swath of very attractive peaceful countryside much enjoyed by locals and a large tourist industry. Friston... Read more


    Dear Sir/Madam, Application by Scottish Power Renewables (UK) Limited for an Order granting Development Consent for the East Anglia ONE NORTH Windfarm I write in respect of the application referenced... Read more

  • Christine Gray

    I want to express my concerns about the potential damage to the rural environment in East Suffolk, an AONB. I also want to express my views on alternative options which may be more appropriate.

  • Southwold Town Council (Southwold Town Council)

    The reason for registering is to follow and support Natural England's concerns about the proposed developments. Southwold Town Council is supportive of the environmental advantages of renewable power... Read more

  • Birgitta S Bostrom

    I intend to contest that any heavy vehicle comes from A 1094 at the Railway inn in Aldeburgh and down B1122. These roads are heavily populated, narrow and NOT suitable for haulage. As I have said... Read more

  • Nick Scarr

    No decisions should be made on substation plans or approvals until there is clarity on Sizewell C's proposed development.