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  • Graham Everett

    I am very supportive of this scheme as it will bring benefit to the areas to the west of Norwich.

  • Adrian Rutterford

    I have concerns regarding the access of properties in Lower Easton onto the new road. This will involve a long detour through narrow lanes.

  • Heather Brennecke

    As Berry's Lane, Honingham, is intended to be closed, the traffic from Barnham Broom and beyond wishing to join the A47 would cut through via Colton Road as the next available junction and would not... Read more

  • Weston Longville Parish Council (Weston Longville Parish Council)

    The final proposal has not adequately considered a coherent side road strategy, that keeps an equal distribution of traffic moving north – south across all the routes available across the Wensum... Read more

  • Catharine Hooker

    We have been assured on several occasions over the years that there was no intention to compulsory purchase any of the land surrounding [redacted] and suddenly we find that there is every intention of... Read more

  • David Hooker

    Recommendation that the Planning Inspectorate requires Highways England 1. To publish the detailed results of the Statutory Consultation. 2. To reassess and minimise the area of agricultural land... Read more

  • Alexander Barrett

    I have concerns about the traffic volumes on Taverham Road that will be generated by this scheme. I still have concerns over how well the main carriageway of the A47 will be shielded by trees from my... Read more

  • Ben Hooker

    We have been assured on several occasions over the years that there was no intention to compulsory purchase any of the land surrounding [redacted] and the [redacted] Barn complex and suddenly we find... Read more

  • Mr Joshua Hooker

    I am somewhat perplexed as to why there suddenly seems to be a compulsory land purchase order for [redacted] gardens and how this has mysteriously been added with no warning whatsoever. I am now... Read more

  • D G M Kenney

    HE's proposal to close the Ringland Road connection to the A47 at Easton will result in the present rat-run traffic from the north (Taverham etc) being redirected westwards, down Weston Road (single... Read more

  • Peter Milliken

    I would like to make representation in support of this application. At present there is no safe way to get to a part of our village on foot or by cycle which limited the travel options of this part of... Read more

  • Wensum Valley Alliance (Wensum Valley Alliance)

    The WVA (Wensum Valley Alliance) is concerned about the Road Building proposals for the County generally, but particularly for the impact upon the Chalk streams and river environments on the grounds... Read more

  • Bryan Robinson

    HE comments to Norfolk County Council on the NWL Scoping application stated that until such time as the A47 DCO is approved and delivery confirmed, the impact of and mitigation for the NWL should be... Read more

  • Transport Planning Associates (Transport Planning Associates) on behalf of Clarion Housing Group (Clarion Housing Group)

    We wish to make additional representations to those already made in relation to the A47 road improvements consultation, on behalf of our clients, Clarion Housing Group. In making these further... Read more

  • David Lewis

    Subject: Closure of Church Lane, Lower Easton Dear James and the Highways team, I wish to express my gratitude to you for producing the planned changes to the road system in Lower Easton, as well as... Read more

  • Childhood First (Childhood First)

    We wish to make a representation to confirm the arrangements we made with Highways England who have altered their plans to prevent disruption to one of our children's homes which is adjacent to the... Read more

  • CPRE Norfolk (CPRE Norfolk)

    CPRE Norfolk does not agree with the need for an optional arm at the proposed Wood Lane Junction Northern Dumbbell roundabout and therefore that part of the junction needs to be redesigned. This is... Read more

  • Edward Bown

    - concern about the NMU link between Hockering and Mattishall - concern about the lack of noise barrier between Hockering and the new road. speeds on the new road will be higher, there will be a lot... Read more

  • Howard James Rees

    This scheme is not consistent with the UK's commitments under the Paris Agreement. It also falls foul of many areas of Government commitments, policy and legislation regarding limits on greenhouse gas... Read more

  • John Cummings

    The Supreme Court has ruled that developments must accord with government commitments under the Paris Accord (which will include current G7 and CoP26 commitments. This means that Road traffic must be... Read more

  • Easton Parish Council (Easton Parish Council)

    On behalf of Easton Parish Council as chairman representing the unanimous support of the Parish Council members at a meeting of the council on the 27th May 2021, I make representation in support of... Read more

  • Brown & Co (Brown & Co) on behalf of A L Alston & Sons Ltd (A L Alston & Sons Ltd)

    We wish to make representations on behalf of A L Alston & Sons Ltd concerning the configuration of the proposed grade separate junction at Wood Lane. We have been engaged with Highways England at all... Read more

  • Brown & Co (Brown & Co) on behalf of Honingham Aktieselskab (Honingham Aktieselskab)

    We have received limited feedback on requests although 12 months or so ago, there were numerous meetings to discuss the scheme. The Farm is large and private and the owners would like it to remain so.... Read more

  • Lesley Grahame

    A. Increasing road capacity increases traffic, and fails to support the aspiration to shift travel mode from car to active travel B. Committing to new roads without knowing how our post-covid travel... Read more

  • Nick Bishop-Clark

    I object to the proposed scheme for these reasons: A. The case for the scheme (at 3.5.1) says that it will increase capacity which means that it will increase traffic growth in Norwich area. This does... Read more