Cambridge Waste Water Treatment Plant Relocation

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  • Alex Corr

    The main issue is that the only reason this application has been proposed is because they want to build houses on the current site and have been offered lots of money to do so. The plant has no... Read more

  • Andrew Roger Martin

    CWWTPR Introduction As a resident of Horningsea I was horrified to hear that the sewage plant could be moved to Honey Hill. Not only will this affect my family it will also affect:- The Village:... Read more

  • Charilaos Antoniou Zavros

    The proposed location will create more problems and unnecessary expense. There are very few green/nature places left near Cambridge.

  • David Willis

    I understand the need for a new sewer but if the old one is still capable to be use then leave it where it is. No need for the place to be dug up and changed Causing problems all over the place.


    To build on Agricultural green belt is not in keeping with national or local planning policy. This project is not of national importance and should not be allowed on this beautiful greenbelt which... Read more

  • Helen Seamarks

    I object Anglian Water misled the community on need within the consultation. Greenbelt ; Cambridge one of a few Greenbelt areas still in place ; the Greenbelt is great for animals such as Roe Deer,... Read more

  • Maibritt Shah

    There is no reason to relocate the waste treatment plant, and certainly none to move it to a green belt site closer to habitation.

  • Nigel Seamarks

    Anglian Water misled the public during the consultation. Anglian Water stated their was a capacity requirement; and the Capacity requirement was a National Infrastructure requirement. This is not the... Read more

  • Rachel King

    The relocation of the sewage works will be detrimental to my families health. The increase HGV in traffic will make it unsafe to commute by bike to school and work, as we currently do. The increase in... Read more

  • Rodney Wythe

    We run our accountancy practice as a business, whereby expenditure is made only when its necessary and affordable, and there is a continuous monitoring of the need to ensure there is enough income... Read more

  • The Starkie Family (The Starkie Family) on behalf of The Starkie Family (The Starkie Family)

    Starkie Family Objections • Selection of the site at Honey Hill failed to consider that the area is agricultural land in Green Belt: its use for the proposed development is contrary to local and... Read more

  • Charlotte Attwood

    The cost to move the sewage works in terms of expense to the tax payer, the impact of building on the green belt land and the carbon generated by moving the existing works, which doesn't need moving... Read more

  • Cambridge Friends of the Earth (Cambridge Friends of the Earth)

    Cambridge Friends of the Earth is concerned about the proposal to move a, recently upgraded and perfectly adequate, sewage treatment works into Cambridge's Green Belt, purely to free up valuable land... Read more

  • East Cambridgeshire District Council (East Cambridgeshire District Council)

    1. Impact on highways 2. Visual Impact 3. Biodiversity Impact 4. Public benefit of the scheme

  • Jo-Anne White

    I object to the proposed project as this will have an adverse safety to cyclists in the area due to the anticipated increase in traffic on local roads and small lanes, in particular on High Ditch Road... Read more

  • Stefanie Priewasser

    I object strongly to this project for the following reasons: I would like to express my concern regarding the impact of this project on the conservation areas of Fen Ditton and Horningsea. It is my... Read more

  • Maria Goodall

    The relocation of the sewage works from its current location in Cowley Rd to the GREEN BELT between Feb Dutton and Horningsea. Firstly there is no need for the move as the current plant is future... Read more

  • Laura Jones

    Firstly it is a waste of a huge amount of public money that could be put to much better use to Fund services for the community - public transport, healthcare, community projets, protecting the... Read more

  • Jenny Grewcock

    There is an existing site for the sewage works in Milton - and relocating this to greenbelt seems unnecessary and destructive to natural green areas which are important for wildlife and conservation.

  • Lucy Frazer MP

    I make this submission as the MP for South East Cambridgeshire, representing my constituents. The relocation of the Cambridge Waste Water Treatment Plant (CWWTP) affects particularly the villages of... Read more

  • Simon Smithson

    A sewage plant is not compatible with a green belt - otherwise we might as well call it brown belt. The privatisation of the water companies unleashed the sale of the land assets that came with the... Read more

  • Xavier Castelino

    I am a school governor at [Redacted], in the local area. I’ve reviewed the details of the project, and although I am aware that areas sometimes need to change because of changing demographics, I am... Read more

  • Barbara Sansom

    There is no operational need to move the sewage works. This is only being considered to allow housing to be built and money to be made by construction companies. Local hard working Cambridge residents... Read more

  • Catherine Morris

    My objections and concerns are as follows: 1. The proposed site at Honey Hill should have been discounted from the get-go because it is the site of a Principal Chalk Aquifer which is, according to... Read more

  • John McGill

    I have strong objections to the proposed relocation of Anglian Water waste water plant from its present site to the Honey Hill vicinity. Reasons are given below. The land in question is categorized as... Read more