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  • Christopher G. Hudson

    Pylons/cabling should be offshore.

  • East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust (East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust)

    The East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust (EEAST) consider that the Project (Bramford to Twinstead) is likely to have a significant impact on its operations, service capacity and resources... Read more

  • J and J Howard (J and J Howard) on behalf of Howards (Howards)

    It will affect our business/lively hood by making the land unusable for our fruit growing business. We would not be able to plant trees over the proposed works therefore making it unviable to carry... Read more

  • Mark James Smith

    Please confirm the lines will be underground in the Stour Valley section

  • Rupert Avis

    Ongoing planning application which is currently under review

  • William Eric Drake

    The under grounding of the section across the Stour is essential. One of the pylons to be removed is on my land and I would like any damage from the works to be made good in due course.

  • William Petersen

    Cumulative effect and unnecessary impact in and around Burstall village.

  • David Turner

    I need to better understand what will be the exact route of the new pylons and what will happen to the existing pylons that run to the south and north of my property. Noise levels during construction... Read more

  • Linda Keenan

    The proposed transmission network runs right alongside my boundary. The area is set to pastures and paddocks for my horses. The disturbance is very worrying and will be ongoing for some time. I also... Read more

  • Mark Westwood

    The undergrounding compound of the line starting at Polstead Heath is in a very poor location. It is in open countryside, very visible from roads and public rights of way and is planned to be on good... Read more

  • Edmund John Nott

    With regard to the temporary Haul Road. Firstly, its temporary, why is there a need for permanent access rights? There has been little thought and due diligence in the planning of the haul road to be... Read more

  • Zak Martin

    Everything is great apart from one thing, Option 1 would be more expensive as 4YL is having more towers to replace the existing section of the line that is being reused for the new route RB. Option 2... Read more

  • Gavin Dines

    Our house sits directly next to the undergrounding part of the project. We have lived here for two years, and are anticipating many years of hell when the project starts. The field full of trees, and... Read more

  • Alan Pawsey

    I am a regular road user in this area. I am considering moving into this area.

  • Mr Robert McCabe

    Interested in the impact along Twinstead Road, levels of limited access. Additionally any adjacent works to Lightlands boundary.

  • Sandra O'Sullivan

    The impact that the local surrounding area will endure. Building in this area is far out numbering any where else in the country. The equipment to be installed is far bigger than any roads to support... Read more

  • Christopher Stephen Varcoe

    We will be surrounded by the work to bring the underground cable to the CSE compound on Henny Back Road. We need access at all times. Our Bed and Breakfast business will suffer from the disruption and... Read more

  • David Hopps

    There are several aspects about this project that concerns us: 1. In a previous report our house was described as being trapped between two railway lines of power lines. However as no infrastructure... Read more

  • Howard James Pay

    Together with my wife I am building a house very close to the boundary of the planned project in Leavenheath (*redacted*) We purchased land in 2016 *redacted* and searches apparently did not reveal... Read more

  • Liz Wright

    As the proposed route may have a direct impact on Great Wenham, I am interested in remaining informed of what is going on. Issues include affecting the countryside and wildlife, erection of pylons and... Read more

  • Water Management Alliance (Water Management Alliance)

    A small part of the proposed works near Bramford will cross the East Suffolk Water Management Board's internal drainage district, therefore we will monitor the progress of this application to... Read more

  • Councillor James Finch

    The impact on the residents of my County Councillor Division, The Stour Valley Division and the Dedham Vale Area of Outstanding Beauty for which I am Acting Chairman.

  • Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust)

    As an NHS Trust we like to be kept informed of the progress of the application as the Trust provides services to communities in and around the proposed works and consequently there maybe operational... Read more

  • Angus Charles Goswell

    My concerns purely relate to the proposed access road through Pebmarsh to reach the Twinstead site. Supported by extensive documentation to/with National Grid, it is clearly apparent: 1. There is no... Read more

  • Mark Andrew Kettle

    the proposed work is directly behind our property and although they are proposing undergrounding to avoid the AONB they still propose to leave some of the existing above ground transmission lines, why... Read more